Recommended Resource: Lig Duncan Sermon at T4G 2014

Every year there are thousands of sermons delivered at conferences for pastors. One of my favorite conferences is Together for the Gospel. I enjoy listening to the messages both when I am able to attend in person and online when I cannot attend.

I was at the Together for the Gospel Conference that took place in Louisville in 2014. One of my favorite conference messages that year was a sermon by Lig Duncan titled “The Gospel by Numbers.” During this sermon, Duncan taught how the Gospel can be explained by tying together the Old and New Testament.

The main text of this sermon was Numbers 5:1-4. Lig Duncan explains the practical and theological purposes behind the laws in the book of Numbers. He also points those who are listening to see Christ as the Savior of our sins. This sermon urges people to have a high view of God, a realistic view of sin, and a love and thankfulness of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. The T4G website describes this sermon as follows:

In a message entitled “The Gospel by Numbers,” Ligon Duncan lifts up the sacrificial work of our savior Jesus Christ. Because the sinless, undefiled Son of God went outside the camp, because He bore the reproach of those who would believe, Christians are made clean. Standing on the mountain of this glorious truth, breathing in its crystal clear air, Duncan then asks: “Don’t we want to tell people about this Man — the only one who can do something about their sin?”

I highly recommend spending the 50 minutes and 46 seconds it will take to watch or listen to this message. Click the following link for more information: Lig Duncan Sermon at T4G 2014


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