Youth Group Game: 9Square in the Air

9Square in the Air is one of the top youth ministry games invented. In Pennsylvania, where I was from, many youth groups and camps knew what this game involved. However, when I moved to Ohio to become a High School Youth Pastor, there were not many people who heard of 9Square.

In the Spring of my first school year in Ohio, I ordered 9Square and was not sure if it was going to be a good purchase. I remember explaining the concept and the rules to the students and I hoped that they would enjoy it. It ended up being one of the best purchases I have made to build community within my youth group. This simple game is fun, engaging, fast paced, and interactive. We have used it in different student ministry contexts, for outreach events, and during an all-church gathering, which included people of many ages playing this game.

Three Benefits of 9Square in the Air:

  1. Students actually interact with each other before and after youth group when we have this game set up.
  2. It is a fun game for those who are athletic and for those who are not.
  3. It keeps students attentively engaged.

This is not a paid ad. However, it might seem like it because of how highly I recommend this game to youth ministries. Watch the video below to see 9square in the air being played.




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