Recommended Resource: 5 Leadership Questions Podcast

I first discovered The 5 Leadership Question Podcast as an ad in an email. I was intrigued that the first episode was an interview with John Piper about leadership. What I discovered was that this podcast serves as interviews that get into the minds of leaders as they answer 5 leadership questions (although on most podcasts there are more than 5!). It is as if this podcast offers short audio autobiographies about the lives of leaders.

One of my favorite questions is question number 5. They ask “What would you tell your 20 year old self about preparing to lead?” It appears this question is now replaced with “What is the best piece of leadership advice that you have ever received?” Either question that is asked, I have benefited from learning from others who are before me.

In addition to this podcast, LifeWay Leadership also emphasizes on something called Leadership Pipeline. There was a whole week of podcasts specifically about how to build a leadership pipeline in your organization. I have been able to begin to build one in my youth ministry leader structure. I recommend this free e-booklet by Todd Adkins titled Pipeline: Succession at Every Level. 

For more information about the podcast, click the following link: 5 Leadership Question Podcast

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