Recommended Resource: John Piper at Passion 2010 – Is Jesus an Egomaniac

I was an excited Freshman in college when I got into a van to travel from Hershey to Atlanta to be a part of Passion 2010. The Passion Conference is a Christian conference centered around 18-25 year olds and their leaders. They seek to empower a generation of college students to seek the glory of God in all that they do.

Passion 2010 came at the end of my first semester of college at a secular university. Although I was prepared to follow Jesus on a secular campus it was still a difficult transition from living a relatively comfortable life at home to living with people I didn’t know and being educated at the next level. This conference was an opportunity for me to travel with my friends to Atlanta and grow closer to God in preparation for the upcoming semesters of college.

At this point in my theological journey I didn’t even know who John Piper was. I might have heard his name, but when this man with gray hair came out on stage I was wondering what he had to say that would be relevant to my life as a college student. My reaction to John Piper’s appearance on stage as the preacher highlights both the pride in my life and my lack of knowledge of the practice of preaching God’s word. However, my life was forever changed that night as I sat in the Philips Arena listening to John Piper talk about the topic of “Is Jesus an egomaniac?”

Click on the link below to listen to the sermon:

John Piper at Passion 2010: Is Jesus an Egomaniac? 

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