Senior Graduation Gifts

As students graduate high school we desire to give them a gift that is useful for their spiritual development beyond their time when they are in our student ministry. In this transitional season for these students, I have decided to give our graduates a new Bible. However, I want them to use the Bible and not just have it sit on a shelf with other “books.” In preparing the students for this time, I gave our students the choice between the ESV Gospel Transformation Bible and the ESV Readers Bible. Below is a description of each and why they are valuable for graduation gifts:

ESV Gospel Transformation Bible – This study Bible is important because all of the study notes point to the Gospel. Part of the reason I am thankful to give this to graduates is because we currently use the Gospel Project curriculum which has the same aim as this study Bible. It is a great resource for students who want to continue growing in tying the whole Bible together.

ESV Readers Bible – This Bible is unique because it takes out the verse numbers so you can read the Bible closer to how it was originally written! This Bible can give a fresh perspective for people who have read the Bible a lot and usually start or stop reading based on the chapters and verses. Most students probably don’t have a Bible like this which makes it a unique graduation gift.

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