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The Bible was not originally written in English. This is a fact that can often be overlooked by many Americans who seek to read and understand the Bible. Although I do not think that every Christian is required to know the original languages that the Bible was written in, I do think that there is value in at least becoming familiar with Greek and Hebrew.

One resource which is extremely helpful is This website has videos that teach Greek basics as well as videos that translate verses in the New Testament from Greek into English.

Daily Dose of Greek is useful for both those who are familiar with the Greek language and those who are not as familiar with the language. The videos are quick, useful, and enjoyable. Now, I realize I might be a little biased about this resource because I had Dr. Rob Plummer for Elementary Greek and Greek Exegesis and Syntax, but he is the real deal. (I will also recommend one of his books in a future blog post.)

Check out this website and dive into deeper Bible study to more clearly understand the Bible. You won’t be disappointed!

Click on the following link to go to the website: Daily Dose of Greek 


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