Youth Group Game: Coloring

There are many youth group games that we can play that take a variety amount of planning and execution. One activity that we have found that students enjoy is coloring. The only planning and execution that this activity takes beyond buying coloring books and colored pencils is putting them out on a table.

Now lets be clear: coloring is not a game. However, it serves as an activity that students can participate in while talking to each other. Coloring has been something which can help students talk to each other before or after youth group. This can help build community in our youth ministries.  Also, we have set up a coloring table at our outreach events after local high school football games, which gave coloring as an option for students among many other activities.

This may sound simple because it is simple. However, I am glad that a youth leader came to me with the idea of buying coloring books for our students. Sometimes simple is best!

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