David Dockery on the Key to Understanding the Old Testament

The Bible is a huge book made up of 66 individual books. 39 of the books are known as the Old Testament and the other 27 are known as the New Testament. There have been thousands upon thousands of words spoken, written, and debated about how to understand the Bible.

In his book, Christian Scripture, David S. Dockery gives a simple and intelligent answer on how to understand the Old Testament. He writes on page 28:

“Jesus is the key to understanding the Old Testament because everything points to Himself. The New Testament writers, following the pattern of Jesus, interpreted the Old Testament as a whole and in its parts as a witness to Christ It is not surprising that in providing different pictures of Jesus’ life, the biblical writers saw that at almost every point He had fulfilled the Old Testament. This realization provides the key to the way Jesus understood and used the Old Testament. It also provides the framework and groundwork for Jesus’ authentication of the New Testament.”

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