Recommended Resource: ESV Student Study Bible

There are so many Bibles and Study Bibles that we can choose to recommend to our students. At our church, we preach and teach out of the English Standard Version (ESV) of the Bible so it makes sense to give our students a study Bible that they can use at church services. Below are several reasons I joyfully give students in our High School Ministry a free copy of the ESV Student Study Bible:

  1. It is a great translation that is faithful to the original text.
  2. The study notes are usable for High School students.
  3. The glossary in the back helps define words for those who are unfamiliar with Biblical words.
  4. The Bibles look cool (this is the least important, but is a plus!)
  5. It is affordable.


Click on the following link to purchase: ESV Student Study Bible

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