Nathan Rose on Jesus using the Bible against Satan

The New Testament describes Christians as being in an unseen battle against Satan. Paul’s writing in Ephesians 6 discusses armor for Christians to wear which can be used in these battles. He describes different types of armor followed by describing the Word of God as a sword. This lines up with the fact that Jesus, when He was on Earth, spent time being tempted by Satan in the Wilderness. Nathan Rose (@nathanrose33), who serves as a pastor of Liberty Baptist Church in Kansas City, wrote on April 22, 2017 on Twitter:

In the wilderness Jesus battled Satan not with miracles, but with verses from Deuteronomy.

This seems like the opposite way we would assume that Jesus would fight. Why would He use Old Testament verses to battle Satan? One answer would be: Because God’s Word is powerful. If the Bible was a good enough tactic for Jesus to use in battling against Satan, then it should be good enough for us today. May we be people that use the Word of God both as food to feed our souls and as a sword to fight the enemy!



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