Paul Tripp on Trusting God’s Sovereignty

We all struggle for control of our own lives. Beyond this we struggle over people, places, and things that we desire to be able to control. However, God calls us to trust Him in the midst of our lives. Paul Tripp beautifully explains this theme in his book New Morning Mercies. He writes the following paragraph on the the page for December 16:

I often give way to the fantasy that I have the wisdom, power, and character to control people, places, and things in my life that seem to be out of control. I insert myself in the center and make it all about me. But I don’t have the right, power, or need to control because you have every situation, every location, and every person under your wise control. You rule over all things for my sake and for your glory. So once again you call me to surrender control and rest in your sovereign care.


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