Matt Smethurst on Michael Jordan at 50

Several years ago Matt Smethurst, the managing editor of The Gospel Coalition, wrote an article about Michael Jordan turning 50 years old. It was mainly based off of another article written for ESPN’s Outside the Lines. In the midst of so much discussion of a man who is known as the greatest basketball player (and maybe athlete) of all time turning 50 years old, the question of “Was it worth it?” appears to be a valid statement.

Michael Jordan has 6 NBA championships, 5 NBA MVP awards, and more money than most people will ever accumulate. However, it appears MJ doesn’t have Jesus. Matt Smethurst concludes his article by writing:

In the world, status is tethered to performance. It’s the same in the gospel. The difference, however, is that our status as believers is not tethered to our performance, but Christ’s. Only the gospel can offer the resources to combat our pride, expose our emptiness, and flood our hearts with peace.

“How can I find peace away from the game of basketball?” the aging legend asks.

Michael, you never had peace. Triumph and fame, yes, but not peace. James Naismith invented a game that brought you a sense of purpose, of value, of calm. But it was only that—a sense, a counterfeit of the real thing. You will never find life outside the game for the same reason you never found life in it. It’s not there.

The peace you seek isn’t available on a basketball court or a golf course but on a little hill outside Jerusalem. There, Yahweh incarnate hung in the place of sinners—wannabe Yahwehs like you and like me.

You’ve gained the world and found it lacking, Mike. Don’t lose your soul.

I recommend reading the full article by clicking on this link: Do You Still Want to Be Like Mike?

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