Students Serving Students: Connect Team

It is a goal in our student ministry to have our students serving other students.

One way we do this is by having different teams for students to serve other students in our youth ministry. This past year we introduced the idea of having a “welcome” team that we named the Connect Team. These students are scheduled a couple times each month where they stand at the door, help students check into being at youth group, and often act as the first contact for new and returning students!

Beyond this our connect team had a meeting where we wrote notes to students whose attendance at youth group had dropped. This was monumental in reaching out to students because they were getting a hand written note from another student instead of from an adult! This year we plan to expand this idea to sending out birthday cards to students in our youth ministry roster.

One long term benefit of a team like this is that this is a way to develop skills that they can use for the rest of their lives! Hopefully these students who serve on our connect team will be in churches 50 years from now helping others feel welcomed and connected.

Having students on a connect team is just one way that youth ministry can help train students for a life long pursuit of Christ within the local church!

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