3 Books That I Recommended to Parents (December 2018)

Yesterday we had a collide service in our high school ministry. This is our once a year service where we invite parents to join our high school ministry. After a time together with parents and students we dismiss the students to be taught by one of our youth leaders. Then we have a time with parents talking about upcoming events and inititives in our youth ministry. During this time I recommended three books to our parents:

The Storm Tossed Family by Russell Moore – This recently released book is a great overview of family life. Moore writes with a mix of Biblical instruction and personal experience to encourage families to pursue Christ. This is a beneficial book for people who have a variety of family experiences and backgrounds.

One to One Bible Reading by David Helm – This book is not written directly to parents, but can be a very useful guide to begin to think about how to read the Bible with your kids. It includes helpful tips and a couple methods that can be used to read and study the Bible with students.

Seven Arrows: A 52-Week Devotional for Teens by Matt and Sarah Rodgers – This is a workbook guides students (or anyone) through portions of the Bible while having room in the margins for them to write answers to questions that are repeatedly asked. One benefit of this book is that it teaches a method that is easy to remember and students will continue to improve at interpreting the Bible if they intentionally study the Bible through this book.

Hopefully these books can be an encouragement to your family or families in your youth ministry!



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