3 Resources to Help Teens Know the Bible Better

The teenage years are where people lay the foundation for which they will live the rest of their lives! It is during this time that we must help teens learn the Bible and also equip them to read the Bible on their own. I want to recommend three resources that can be helpful for teens to accomplish these goals.

  1. Seven Arrow : A 52-Week Devotional for Teens – This is a phenomenal resource that can help students engage God’s word on their own. It includes Biblical text and areas for students to make observations based on the Seven Arrow Bible Reading Method. This can be a resource for students or for the whole family to use together!
  2. Fighter Verses – Bible memorization is so important in the life of all Christians. The teenaged years are a perfect time to stamp God’s word onto the lives of these growing people! This resource helps organize memorization plans and can be used as an app on phones or iPads.
  3. Before You Open Your Bible – This short book is helpful to think through the heart posture that people should have before engaging in God’s word. Teens can read this book quickly and become more aware of the importance of the practice of reading and preparing to read the Bible.

I hope that you find these resources helpful for your family! Remember, you will never regret encouraging your child to spend time hearing from God through the reading of the Bible. We can be confident that God will use His word to accomplish all that he intends!

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