Dane Ortlund on Intercession

Over the past several months there have been many posts on Twitter about Crossway’s recently released book titled “Gentle and Lowly” which was written by Dane Ortlund. I hesitated believing the hype for a couple of weeks until I finally decided to order the book, begin reading it, and see if the words of the pages were as helpful and encouraging as others have made them out to actually be. Now, several weeks after buying my copy, I have recommended it to several people and even ordered a couple of copies for my friends.

This book is like medicine for those who have hearts that struggles with understanding, accepting, and receiving the love of Jesus.

One of the chapters is specifically on Christ’s role as an intercessor for His people. This chapter is based on Hebrews 7:25 which states “He always lives to make intercession for them.” Ortlund rightly acknowledges that intercession is “One of the more neglected doctrines in the church today” (77).

Dan Ortlund clearly defines the difference between important terms on page 79 when he writes “The atonement accomplished our salvation; intercession is the moment-by-moment application of that atoning work.” Then, on the following page, he illustrates intercession in a way that illuminates the heart of those who are burdened by the sin that they think they are carrying on their own. He explains that “Intercession is the constant hitting “refresh” of our justification in the court of heaven” (80).

Maybe this illustration hits home even more to those who get annoyed with slow internet connection! The refresh button is an ally to the person who is attempting to get work done on the world wide web. In a much more important way the intercession done by Jesus in the courts of heaven gives Christ followers confidence that Jesus is not unaware of what is happening in our lives. He knows the sin that we are committing and is constantly available to intercede on our behalf before the Father.

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