10 Quotes from Journey Well by Mick Naples

Journey Well is a book that was published earlier this year by Mick Naples. Mick is a friend of mine who serves on staff with me at our church and has a background in education and counseling. This is combined in the pages of this book with a heart to help others know and follow Christ.

Below are 10 quotes from this book to help give you a view into the heart of what you can learn when you read it!

“We need people willing to plumb the depths of God’s Word and share the riches of wisdom therein, to look at their experiences, both good and bad, and to come to a better understanding of what God would teach us about such things.” (7)

“I constantly find myself going back to who I know God to be, and I try to let the reality of who He is inform my response to everything in life.” (13)

“As Christians, we should never be looking inward for our strength to accomplish things here in this world. Our strength to accomplish anything and everything comes from above (Psalm 28:7).” (27-28)

“As Christians, we recognize that God is ultimately in control of everything and that we are to submit in advance to whatever He would have come our way in life.” (54)

“Regardless of the nature of your disappointment – perhaps something you really wanted to happen fell through, perhaps you’ve been wronged by someone, or, as we discussed in chapter 4, maybe you’ve been rejected and are working through the pain – it is such an encouragement to know that we have a just God who is good and faithful and to whom we can entrust ourselves.” (78)

“We don’t so much own things in this life as much as we simply possess them for a time.” (92)

“After all, how could we ever be considered successful if we aren’t also faithful?” (99)

“The right view of death allows us to major in the majors and minor in the minors.” (105)

“We need to put on our Bible-tinted glasses.” (116)

“Remember, right belief begets right practice.” (121)

You can purchase this book at the following link: Journey Well by Mick Naples

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