3 Theology Books to Read with High School Students

Many people hear the words “Theology Books” and think of large, dust covered books that professors and pastors use to write papers, sermons, and even more books. This is true and a beneficial use of these resources. However, theology books are more than resources to be used by pastors and scholars. R.C. Sproul reminded everyone several years ago in his excellent titled book that “Everyone’s a Theologian.

If a theologian is someone who studies God, then let’s not make the mistake of having students wait until they are adults to read books that churn their minds and stir their affections for the God of the Bible. Below are three book recommendations for you to read with high school students:

  1. What is the Gospel by Greg Gilbert. This short book helps give it’s readers a framework for understanding the gospel. Gilbert unpacks the gospel message using four words: God, Man, Jesus, Response. Reading this book with a student can help them frame the gospel in their minds in a way that they can think, communicate, and share with others.
  2. Christian Beliefs: Twenty Basics Every Christian Should Know by Wayne & Elliot Grudem. This condensed version of Grudem’s Systematic Theology book puts twenty important theological topics into a readable format for people of all ages. The concise chapters have discussion questions that can help apply the text to the lives of the readers. A book like this can whet the appetite for students to dig into more theological resources.
  3. A Student’s Guide to Sanctification by Lig Duncan & John Parrott. Reformed Youth Ministry recently published three short books that serve students and adults by providing information and instigating discussion around important topics. This short book would be a phenomenal place to start discussing the topic of God’s ongoing work in the lives of Christians with students.

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