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Blog Posts by Kyle on ministry websites:

For The Church: Are Students Really the Church of Tomorrow?

Youth Specialties: Three Essentials For Students Remembering Faith in the Midst of Uncertainty
Youth Specialties: 4 Reasons to Teach Whole Books of the Bible to Students
Youth Specialties: 4 Solid Strategies For Impacting Your Local Schools
Youth Specialties: 3 Resources to Use for Ministry this Fall
Youth specialties: Resource Review: What is the Gospel?
Youth Specialties: Resource Review: You, Me, and the Bible
Youth Specialties: Senior Interviews
Youth Specialties: 5 Games That Are a Hit With Our Students
Youth Specialties: 5 Programming Ideas To Revitalize Your Ministry
Youth Specialties: Teaching the Gospel in a way that connects

Podcasts that Kyle has been a guest on: 

Reformed Youth Ministry Student Podcast – Light and Darkness: 1 John 1:5-6

CPYU Youth Culture Matters Podcast – Episode 99 “Responsible Reaching of the Bible” with Matt Kim
CPYU Youth Culture Matters Podcast – Episode 100 “What Should I Do Now? Youth Ministry in A Coronavirus World”

Blog Posts on 

3 Books That I Recommended to Parents (December 2018)
3 Books That I Recommended to Youth Leaders (August 2018)
3 Resources on the Book of James
3 Resources to Help Teens Know the Bible Better
Advice to Future Seminary Students
Al Mohler on Parents Balancing Children Activities
Ben Trueblood on Character Transformation in Students
Bible Study Method: High School One to One Bible Reading
Bible Study Method: The Swedish Method
Book It! Podcast Episode 25
Campus Ministry and the Local Church
College: A Unique Mission Field
David Dockery on the Key to Understanding the Old Testament 
Donald Whitney on Selecting a Book to Read
Don’t Let Preaching Be Your Gospel
Expository Preaching Overview
Garrett Kell on Being Missional
Grace + Chick-fil-A = A Beautiful Illustration
Jared Wilson on Ministry Success
Jerry Bridges on Preaching the Gospel to Yourself
Jesus is the Key to Understanding the Bible
J.I. Packer on God Knowing and Loving
John MacArthur on Pastoral Criticism
John Piper on Missions and Worship
Kevin DeYoung on Overcoming a Hard Human Heart
Kevin DeYoung on the Attributes of Scripture
Laugh Out Loud: Monday Morning Pastor
Mark Dever on Picking Someone to Disciple
Matt Chandler on Parenting and Sports
Matt Smethurst on Michael Jordan
Nathan Rose on Jesus using the Bible against Satan
Paul Tripp on Trusting God’s Soverignty 
R.C. Sproul on the Source of Scripture
R.C. Sproul’s Definition of Apologetics
Recommended Resource: 5 Leadership Questions Podcast
Recommended Resource: 40 Questions about Interpreting the Bible
Recommended Resource: 
Recommended Resource: ESV Student Study Bible
Recommended Resource: John Piper at Passion 2010 – Is Jesus an Egomaniac?
Recommended Resource: Lig Duncan Sermon at T4G 2014
Recommended Resource: Matt Carter sermon “Love The City.”
Recommended Resource: Praying the Bible by Don Whitney
Recommended Resource: The Long Hollow Story
Recommended Resource: Tim Challies videos about Great Sermons
Religious Similarities between Pre-WWII Germany and the current USA
Roark and Cline on Biblical Theology
Sean McDowell on Evidence of the Resurrection
Senior Graduation Gifts
Student Mission Trip Goals
Students Serving Students: Connect Team
The Poor, The Rich, The Gospel
The Trellis and The Vine Ministry Mind-Shifts
What is the Bible? (short answer)
Youth Group Game: 9 Square in the Air
Youth Group Game: Coloring
Youth Group Game: Uno Tournament 

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