Donald Whitney on Selecting a Book to Read

There are MILLIONS of books available for you and I to read. These books serve different purposes: education, recreation, etc. How can we decide which books are most helpful to read? Well, the answer to this would be complex. However, Don Whitney has a helpful thought in his book titled Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian... Continue Reading →

Roark & Cline on Biblical Theology

Theology involves people studying and learning about God. In one essence, as RC Sproul wisely titled one of his books, everyone is a theologian. Even those who reject God have learned about him and have made decisions based off of what they believe about him. How would you describe your theology? Hopefully it is based... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Student Ministry with Zach Cochran

The goal of "Welcome to Student Ministry" is to post interviews that help guide both new and experienced student pastors toward faithful ministry over many years. This tenth interview in this series is with Zach Cochran. Zach serves as the pastor of student ministry at College Park Church in Indianapolis! Tell our readers some background... Continue Reading →

Book It! Podcast Episode 25

This summer I had the opportunity to have a conversation with my friend, Jon Thiede, on his podcast! Jon is a friend who also serves as a pastor and has a passion to see all people, but especially college students, be transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. His podcast includes many conversations about books... Continue Reading →

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