John MacArthur on Pastoral Criticism

As a young pastor it is useful to listen to more experience pastors share about their pastoral experience. This is why it was beneficial for me to listen to John MacArthur speak on criticism that pastors face. He has been the pastor of the same church for almost five decades. Yes, because it should be repeated, that is almost fifty years at the same church. This is almost unheard of in recent history! The talk included him sharing stories of criticism he has faced and encouraging the audience with four points.

During the talk Dr. MacArthur reminded the audience:

  1. God uses suffering to humble us.
  2. God uses suffering to draw us to Himself.
  3. God uses suffering to display His grace.
  4. God uses suffering to perfect us.

The session ended with him answering questions from the audience. The link to listen to his presentation can be found by clicking on this link: John McArthur on Pastoral Criticism.


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