8 Quotes from Succession by Peter Greer & Doug Fagerstrom

Peter Greer and Doug Fagerstorm wrote a book that was published in 2020 titled Succession. Interestingly enough, it is about the important topic of succession. This insightful book uses the stories of many leaders to help paint a picture of what succession planning and success can look like.

Below are 8 quotes that can be helpful when thinking about this topic:

“In fact, succession starts by preparing hearts and attitudes and then focuses on the right process and practices.” 29

“As we think about succession planning let’s begin with a fierce commitment to the mission that far outlasts any one leader’s tenure.” 39

“One of the leader’s most important roles is to build a team and culture that intentionally outlasts them.” 53

“To transition well we need to learn to trust.” 78

“If boards and CEOs care deeply about the mission of their organization, they will start actively planning for succession long before they think it will be a reality.” 112

“Succession is a moment when we are wise to walk with others, learning from their successes and failures.” 132

“Successful succession requires the outgoing leader and the board to confront the difficult decisions that will help set the successor up for success.” 148

“We want to be leaders who finish our races well – creating missional stories worth telling.” 173

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